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Mobile phone display anti-theft stand, guard the display security carefully!


Terms such as experiential consumption and smart retail are constantly refreshing our retail concept. In addition, unmanned stores have also begun to enter the daily lives of consumers. Therefore, anti-theft has become an important consideration for businesses. Anti-theft products such as anti-theft doors, anti-theft locks, and anti-theft labels have entered stores. Of course, mobile phone display anti-theft stands are no exception. They have become the protagonist of anti-theft in mobile phone brand stores, specialty stores, and retail stores.

The mobile phone display anti-theft stand is composed of an alarm host, an alarm probe, 3M glue, etc. The alarm host is installed on the display rack or showcase, while the alarm probe is attached to the display product. Consumers can easily remove the display from the display rack. Mobile phones, freely operate and experience the functions and appearance of the displayed products. At this time, if the consumer takes the mobile phone away, the alarm will sound and there will be a certain continuity.

Mobile Phone Display Anti-Theft Stand

The mobile phone display anti-theft stand uses infrared remote control, wireless Bluetooth and other methods to monitor the mobile phone in display, which is safe and reliable. During the display process, the mobile phone on display can also be charged, thus solving the problem that the mobile phone is out of power and affecting the customer experience. In addition, it also solves the shortcomings of customer churn due to busy or impatient salespersons in the traditional marketing model.