• Cable Recoiler is an electric telescopic device, mainly used for display and anti-theft in supermarkets and stores, such as Wall-Mart electronic products display and some other daily necessities display.This security tether ends can be changed any other security tether connectors or mounting base / holder from us, such as following security tether with different connectors.


  • Retractable Tethers can work together with any end fitting or mounting base / holder (as shown on our website) from us.


  • There are often sloppy people who forget to close the door after leaving the house. They only remembered halfway through the journey, but it is unrealistic to go back and forth, so many friends bought automatic door closers.


  • Anti-Lost Recoiler is mainly a retractable device, which can effectively prevent the display of products from being stolen in exhibition halls, supermarkets and shops.


  • Anti-theft pull boxes are generally used to prevent theft of products in shopping malls. The main feature is light and convenient.


  • We provide 3 cable exit location possibilities for this Retractable Spring Sensor For Cellphone that is because the best performance and life are achieved when the cable is extended straight out of the box.