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  • We got the retractable pull box order from the Nidecker Group that the most snowboard in the world


  • Working principle of Black Retractable Anti-Theft Steel Tether Pull Box Reel: One end of the reel is fixed on the wall or ceiling, and cables, air pipes, water pipes, work lights and inspection lights can be wound inside.


  • 1) Anti-Theft Pullboxes With Lasso are retractable device with sticker connecting the samples which effectively prevent showing products from being stolen in exhibition, supermarket and shops, 2) The cable inside the pull box kindly allows customers to take the sample on hands and try it freely 3) Reduce costs: the cost of shop space saving, sales personnel costs, cost management, and other aspects 4) Mainly designed for secure displays of live merchandises such as mobile phones, cameras, mp3/mp4, PDA, GPS,jewelers,glasses,toys,crafts,rings and so on .Idea for low value items, or low risk environments. 5) We can make different pull force according to different goods and different ending parts for your options.


  • Anti-Lost Recoiler can work together with any end fitting or mounting base / holder (as shown on our website) from us. It can be installed to the confined space on the back of display cabinet. Fixing can be made by screw or adhesive tape. Box is made of ABS plastic, with stainless steel cable winding onto the reel inside. There is a stable & invariable retraction force for the cable.


  • Cable Recoiler is an electric telescopic device, mainly used for display and anti-theft in supermarkets and stores, such as Wall-Mart electronic products display and some other daily necessities display.This security tether ends can be changed any other security tether connectors or mounting base / holder from us, such as following security tether with different connectors.


  • Retractable Tethers can work together with any end fitting or mounting base / holder (as shown on our website) from us.


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