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Application of Plastic Round Anti-Shoplifting Recoiler With Loop End


The Plastic Round Anti-Shoplifting Recoiler With Loop End is mainly composed of a plastic shell, a steel wire rope, and a clockwork. It is mainly used in commodity display anti-theft. The product has the characteristics of low cost, convenient use and long life. The installed cable box does not require maintenance. After the customer has experienced the product, the product is automatically retracted by the cable box, and there is no need to manually arrange the product. Therefore, the cable box has the characteristics of anti-theft, and has the characteristics of automatic arrangement and storage.

 The Plastic Round Anti-Shoplifting Recoiler With Loop End can be used to extend the wire rope or the zipper strip and display the anti-theft function for the display of small commodities. It can not only display the product, but also automatically rebound the wire. The salesperson can return the product to its original position without tidying up. Manual tidying will not make the counters that are too late to tidy up and messy, and it will help the sales of goods. Customers can experience freely while playing an anti-theft role. After experiencing the goods, they will automatically return to their positions, and its anti-theft function can make the product during the customer experience. It protects the product and will not let people take advantage of it when there are many customers.

Plastic Round Anti-Shoplifting Recoiler With Loop End

This Plastic Round Anti-Shoplifting Recoiler With Loop End can also be used when the items needed for the exhibition are fixed. We can make anti-theft cable boxes with different recyclability according to the weight of items or commodities, creating a very comfortable experience for customers. The Plastic Round Anti-Shoplifting Recoiler With Loop End is widely used in various consumer electronic product stores, product exhibitions, expos product (sample) exhibition cabinets, electronic digital shopping mall product cabinets, mobile phone counters, hardware tools stores, etc. The fixed, can effectively protect all kinds of precious jewelry, hardware tools, digital products, electronic gifts such as mobile phones, MP3, MP4, satellite locator, earphones and other small electronic displays, as well as high-end craft gifts, accessories, etc., to prevent product loss Or damaged.