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What is Recoiler With Steel Wire?


The surface of the Recoiler With Steel Wire is pasted with strong 3M double-sided tape or fixed on the concealed part of the counter with screws. One end of the shrinkable wire rope is connected with various forms such as ring buckle, lock anti-theft screw, paste, etc., and we can make different types of connections according to requirements , To meet various needs.

The Recoiler With Steel Wire is helpful for merchandise sales. Customers can experience the theft freely at the same time. After experiencing the merchandise, it will automatically return to its place without manual sorting. According to the weight of the goods, we can make pull boxes with different recyclability to create a very comfortable experience for customers.

Scope of application:

Recoiler With Steel Wire is a retractable fastener product with automatic winding function, which can effectively protect various valuable exhibits. It is widely used in various consumer electronic product stores, product exhibitions, and exposition products (samples). Exhibition cabinets, electronic digital mall product cabinets, mobile phone counters, retail stores, etc.

Product Features:

Commodity Recoiler With Steel Wire is tailor-made for the space constraints of commodity display in the mobile phone market, excessive personnel costs, and the urgent need to address marketing models and improve performance. This product has the characteristics of convenient operation, low cost, high effect, etc., which helps to quickly improve the store image and performance

Convenient operation: In the decoration of the display cabinet, only need to leave the positioning hole and the cable hole, it can be installed and used, saving time and effort.

Recoiler With Steel Wire

Expanding space: The display area can be close to the wall, increasing the amount of display, and greatly expanding the actual display space of the store.

Cost reduction: A large number of exhibits are put on, and sales personnel are reduced, which reduces costs for the enterprise in many aspects.

Improve performance: Marketing upgrades from the traditional "narration" to the innovative "experience", from the "recommendation" of shop assistants to the "self-selection" of customers. Consumers can choose products and services conveniently and quickly, which facilitates consumers at the same time Improve corporate performance