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The purpose of anti-theft pull box


1:Retail or exhibition Security Display Pull Box recoiler with Loop/ Stop End/ Screw hole.
2:Mechanical security for glasses, watch, and anything could be tied.
3:Anti-theft pull box helps to sale when customers can handle sample 

4:Anti-theft pull box is mainly used in super market, retail shops and exhibition to prevent the showing objects, such as jewelry, bracelet, clocks and watches, glasses, digital consumer and other small items being stolen.

5:Anti-theft pull box can connector with 3M sticker to protect products, strong tensile tension, customers cant take articles down.

 Anti-theft pull box


When you want to set a product on exhibition for showing, you just need to fix the anti-theft pull box at the bottom or back of storage rack or exhibition stand, and then pull out the retractable steel rope in the Pull Box to connect with the showing products by sticker or toggle.