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Video for Drip Shape Anti-Theft Pull Box


The reel can be fixed with screws or tape, usually installed in the narrow space at the back of the display cabinet, and can be used with any end fittings or mounting bases/fixers we provide (as shown on our website).


The box is made of ABS plastic, and the reel contains a stainless steel cable. The cable has a stable and constant retraction force and can be freely stretched.

Drip Shape Anti-Theft Pull Box, also known as recoilers, anti-theft steel cable, anti-theft rope, safety rope and cable box, safety tightener, can be widely used in retail product positioning to ensure product safety, wire harness positioning in electronic equipment, and maintain equipment Balance, signage support, and product or parts replenishment. It can be used in supermarkets, such as Wal-Mart electronic product display stands and some other daily product display stands.

This video can better help you understand Drip Shape Anti-Theft Pull Box.