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Types of Anti-Theft Tether equipment in retail stores


Due to theft (external and internal), retailers are facing increasing challenges and losses. It is very important to determine the ideal anti-theft device type that is most suitable for the store's display environment. Anti-Theft Tether and anti-theft pull boxes are widely used by major retailers. There are three main applications of anti-theft devices in retail stores.


Electronic (alert) security

If your goods are stolen, you can alert the staff through the sound of an alarm. This type of retail store security equipment is called "electronic (alarm) security". Usually, this type of system is used to protect high-value commodities, such as mobile phones, tablets, etc.

 Anti-Theft Tether

Physical (mechanical) safety

These devices can provide tethers without sounding an alarm, so that goods can be secured and secured, such as Anti-Theft Tether. Equipment in this category includes mechanical recoils, monitor cables and cable lock boxes. This type of security is a cost-effective solution to protect the displayed goods.


Generally safe

As part of a loss prevention strategy, it is important to consider general retail store safety equipment. Convex mirrors help open your store so that you can clearly see hidden areas that may be attractive to thieves! Double lock cash box is a convenient and effective way to store cash safely and effectively.