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Why does the Anti-Lost Pull Box exist?


According to the Australian Retailers Association, retail theft is part of Australia's largest crime category. Due to theft (external and internal), retailers are facing increasing challenges and losses. Since customers cannot interact with the displayed products, this loss will seriously affect profits.


Shoplifting is a major problem for retailers. Displaying your products beautifully is an excellent strategy for attracting customers to buy. However, there is a risk of shoplifting. If your publicly displayed product is stolen, not only will you have an "empty" or incomplete display unit, but the sales potential of the stolen item may be reduced.

 Anti-Lost Pull Box

Popular consumer electronics products, such as mobile phones, tablets, iPads, laptops and digital cameras, have become targets for shoplifting due to their high value. In fact, if it is both a high-value product and a popular product, there is a risk of theft.


The Anti-Lost Pull Box can effectively reduce the risk of shoplifting. The anti-theft pull box can be fixed on the back of the display cabinet with tape or screws. The stainless steel cable with good elasticity can be used by customers. Not afraid of being stolen.