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Talk about the advantages of the automatic reel in the Security Retractor


Since the launch of the cord reel, the anti-theft function of the Security Retractor has been improved again. Next, let's take a look at the advantages of the reel!


1. The material of the wire reel of the Security Retractor is good, and the ABS plastic panel is more resistant to falling and bumping, not deforming and flame retardant.


2. High-quality stainless steel spring, with a service life of more than 3000-5000 times.

 Security Retractor

3. Automatic cable arrangement to avoid entanglement of wires.


4. The use of steel ball bearings increases the lubricity of stretching and recycling, effectively reduces friction, and can ensure that customers can try the product in their hands.


5. The cord reel has a wide range of applications, including household appliances, medical equipment, industrial equipment, beauty equipment, etc., such as vacuum cleaners, rice cookers, juicers, ironing machines, electric cars, heaters, medical beds, etc.