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Why choose this as the material of the Retractable Display Pull Box?


Because the Retractable Display Pull Box is mainly used for retail product positioning to ensure product safety, wiring harness positioning in electronic equipment, equipment balance, sign support, and product or part feeding. Therefore, the main production materials must have the characteristics of high viscosity, safety, and suitable for high crowd occasions. ABS materials have such characteristics.

ABS resin is continuously developed on the basis of polystyrene resin modification. ABS material has excellent comprehensive properties, is hard, shiny, and easy to color. It is widely used in various industries and is known as the "all-purpose king" in the plastics industry.

 Retractable Display Pull Box

ABS is non-toxic, odorless, low water absorption, can be made into various colors, and has a high gloss of 90%. The combination of ABS and other materials is good, and the surface printing, coating and plating are all easily. The oxygen index of ABS is 18.2, which is a flammable polymer. The flame is yellow, with black smoke, scorched but not dripping, and emits a special cinnamon smell. The addition of flame retardants can transform ABS into flame retardant materials, which guarantees the safety and fire resistance of finished parts; at the same time, it has low smoke during combustion and reduces environmental pollution.


With so many performances, Bestmetal chose ABS material as the main material of the Retractable Display Pull Box, which is light, beautiful and environmentally friendly.