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Application of Mobile Phone Loss Prevention Retail Display Stand


The Mobile Phone Loss Prevention Retail Display Stand is adapted to the current marketing method from the traditional "telling" to the innovative "experience" upgrade, from the shop assistant recommendation type to customers and consumers convenient and efficient choice of products and services, it is convenient for consumers at the same time New products innovated to improve business performance and reduce costs are beautiful in appearance, generous and practical, while ensuring safety and fashion. Digital electronic products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, GPS, etc. are actually displayed on this product.

The Mobile Phone Loss Prevention Retail Display Stand is composed of alarm host, alarm probe, 3M glue, etc. The alarm host is installed on the display rack or showcase, and the alarm probe is attached to the display product. Customers can easily remove the exhibits from the shelf and freely operate and feel the functions and appearance of the exhibits. If the customer wants to remove the exhibits, the alarm will immediately sound a continuous alarm, and the alarm will continue until Managers come to do the reset processing, suitable for mobile phone hypermarkets, telecom mobile Unicom business halls, electronic digital malls, digital camera counters, GPS counters, MP4 counters, home appliance hypermarkets, supermarkets and various small and medium-sized electronic digital products exhibition venues.