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Anti-theft principle of Mobile Phone anti-theft display stand


I dont know if you have been to the mobile phone store, have you noticed that there is a shelf under the mobile phone display, and there is a line between the shelf and the mobile phone. This is the mobile phone anti-theft display stand.Its main function is to open the shelf display of mobile phones and other digital products, allowing users to actually experience real products and create a more user-friendly shopping experience. Therefore, it is widely used in major experiential marketing mobile phone stores. So what is this mobile phone anti-theft device?


First of all, from the perspective of the structure of the mobile phone anti-theft display stand, the mobile phone anti-theft display stand usually triggers the alarm with three contacts, one on the base, one on the back of the phone, and one on the front of the USB port of the mobile phone. When the three contacts are pressed at the same time, the alarm device will be activated, and when the mobile phone makes the contacts pop out, an alarm will be triggered. Some devices are automatically contacted and alarmed, and most are controlled by remote control.

 mobile phone anti-theft display stand

Secondly, from the perspective of the installation of the mobile phone anti-theft display stand, the mobile anti-theft display stand is installed on the display stand or showcase, and the alarm probe is attached to the display mobile phone. Customers can easily remove the exhibits from the shelf and freely feel and operate the appearance and function of the display machine. If the customer wants to take the display machine away, the alarm will immediately emit a continuous and harsh alarm sound, even if it is a mobile phone. The environment in the store is very noisy and the alarm can be heard.


Finally, if the security connection line between the display mobile phone and the mobile phone anti-theft display stand is cut by a thief, the anti-theft alarm will also be triggered to alarm.


Therefore, due to the anti-theft principle of the above three-point mobile phone anti-theft display stand, it is impossible for thieves to start with the mobile phone of the display stand, so mobile phone shops can safely put their hands on the mobile phone anti-theft device, which is both anti-theft and better user experience. It not only saves manpower to stare at the display machine to prevent theft, but also enables users to better access the real machine and increase the sales rate.