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Introduction and application field of anti-theft pull box


Anti-theft pull boxes are widely used in various consumer electronic product stores, product exhibitions, exhibitions, product (sample) exhibition cabinets, electronic digital shopping mall product cabinets, mobile phone counters, etc., including anti-theft installations, which can effectively protect all types of digital Products, electronic gifts such as mobile phones, MP3, MP4, earphones and other small electronic displays, as well as high-end craft gifts. The use of this product is simple and does not require a host.


The anti-theft pull box is cheap and highly practical. It has a physical anti-theft function, but it does not have a sensor alarm function. It is widely used in various consumer electronics products, large-scale stores, and major mobile phone brand stores.


Features: The anti-theft pull box is easy to operate, the items are displayed neatly and beautifully, and reliably, which ensures the safety of the goods and allows customers to see the goods at a glance. Better customer experience, allowing customers to increase the average stay time in the store by 3-10 times, creating more sales miracles. It solves the shortcomings of over-the-counter sales where sales staff are too busy or impatient to lose customers. Reduce labor costs by 50%, save space by 70%, cater to marketing trends, and fully incorporate the design concept of display and safety.