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Alarm supermarket, shopping malls alarm how to install

With the popularity of open markets, the supermarket alarm has become a standard configuration of stores opened, so the supermarket how alarm installation, where need to install you understand? The following will give you a brief introduction of several will be according to the position;

Area a, supermarket cashier shall, where is the only channel to customers shopping leave stores, generally USES single protection

The supermarket alarm
Second, supermarket shopping channel will alarm according to the supermarket, this is not shopping customers away from the main channel of the stores

Magnetic security doors supermarket supermarket anti-theft alarm device
Three, self-service checkout area, now a lot of supermarkets opened self-service checkout, simple and convenient, reduce waiting time, self-service checkout area has become a lot of supermarket standard, the location of the anti-theft device is also essential

Self-help supermarket cashier area supermarket anti-theft anti-theft equipment magnetic buckle
Four, the supermarket staff channel is all staff to work in the shop, and prevention and control key here, is an effective measure to reduce the steal

The supermarket security doors supermarket detector alarm supermarkets
Fifth, sells the toilet door